10 Pieces of Advice from a Startup Founder

Working with startups aren`t easy, but here is some advice to make your journey more successful.

  1. Find your group.

It is great to have a support group so that you can encourage each other and build each other up. You will also be familiar with the same struggles and challenges.

  1. Realize you are not the only person with problems.

You are going to run into different issues as you go along. Face your problems head-on and do the best you can.

  1. A startup company is hard to handle on your own.

Despite advice telling you to go chase your dreams, startups aren`t a piece of cake. You may need help, and the right partner will actually increase your chances of success

  1. Watch your spending.

It is going to cost you money to get going, but spend as little as possible.  Be frugal with purchases and buy necessities. Buy used or lease equipment for temporary needs.

  1. Asses your mental health.

Make sure that you are in a healthy mental state before starting a new endeavor. This process can bring anxiety, stress and frustrations, and you need the strength to combat them.


  1. Be realistic about failure.

Facing your fears and knowing that failure may happen better motivates and prepares you for the effort is will take to strive for success.

  1. Startups begin in the mind.

Starting a successful company is all in the mind set. Having the right attitude and energy is how you get your company off the ground.

  1. Relationships are important.

Understand the need for a support team. Having a good relationship with other co-workers and family members is going to keep you grounded. Rely on your network for advice, support and even assistance.

  1. Expect to be poor.

You are not going to turn a profit for a few months, and you may to be extremely thrifty. Most startups do not bring in true income until their second year of operations.

  1. Demonstrate empathy

When you are running your business, you will need to have empathy for your customers. You must see the situation through their eyes to truly understand what it is that they need. Only then will you truly be able to help them.

Startups seem like grand adventures, but they take hard work, strong work ethics and hefty dose of enthusiasm. Demonstrate these ten qualities and you may yourself on the way to success.


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