Commercial Real Estate Financing for Projects of All Sizes

Infinity Commercial Lending offers a variety of commercial real estate loans and financial products designed to bring investors and developers together, to allow for everything from the purchase of new buildings for an individual company to large-scale construction and development projects. With commercial real estate financing solutions that stretch from SBA loans to mezzanine financing, our associates have access to the tools you need to get funding.

SBA Loans, Including 7a and 504 Loans

Qualifying borrowers with businesses that meet the qualifications for Small Business Administration loans, including those renovating, rebuilding, or rehabilitating accessible housing, convalescent hospitals, and senior living centers will find a full range of supported SBA loan options with us.

Conventional Loan Programs

Both commercial properties and owner occupied real estate investments benefit from access to conventional loan lines that span the range from $200,000 to $100,000,000. These loans have some of the most competitive rates available, and they fully amortize just like you expect from a traditional loan package.

CMBS Loans

Commercial real estate projects and flagged hotels also qualify for CMBS, or commercial mortgage-backed security, loans. These loans function much like conventional loans on the borrower’s side, but they consist of securitized debt that is then sold to multiple investors, allowing large projects to receive the support they need without having to recruit a single high-net-worth investor.

Bridge Loans

Short-term hard money loans that rely on commercial real estate as collateral are an ideal way to cover cash flow shortages without paying excessive interest rates, and approval turn-around is quicker than ever.

Advantages include:

  • Fast approval and loan dispersal
  • Competitive rates
  • No prepayment penalty

Equity and Mezzanine Financing

Bringing together high-net-worth investors and developers to nurture larger projects is just part of what we do at Infinity Commercial Lending. No project is too large for our network of contacts.

FHA and HUD Loans

Qualified lenders ready to participate in FHA and HUD loan programs will find support and access is easily facilitated through our commercial real estate financing program.