Healthcare Financing for Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals

Infinity Commercial Lending provides healthcare financing for medical practices who are waiting on insurance payments and other receivables.  Due to the long wait time on these receivables, our small business loans provide a perfect solution. As a result, we work with many doctors, dentists, and clinics to provide the working capital you need to keep cash flowing consistently, so your practice keeps expanding. Many of our small business loans can get you the funds you need within a few business days.  Therefore, practices that find themselves with cash flow problems can easily come up with the money for immediate expenses. Also, no practice is too big or small for us. Unlike some banks and traditional lenders, we are happy to build relationships with small businesses. We commonly fund all types of healthcare practices from surgeons to dentists even though banks may turn them away.

Healthcare Financing and Small Business Loans for Medical Practices

Our practice loans are available to a variety of medical professionals, and they come with the flexibility you need to:

  • Cover payroll
  • Consolidate debt
  • Cover personal needs
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Expansion
  • Remodeling

Most importantly, terms up to 72 months are available, with no upfront payments. Practice loans are not reported to the credit bureau as personal debt. Application-only loans are available to $75,000. With full disclosures, loans up to $250,000 are available.

Healthcare Financing

Medical Equipment Leasing

Furthermore, practice loans are not the only healthcare financing options available. We also provide medical equipment leasing, so you can access the equipment your practice needs without the long-term investment that a purchase would require.

Practice Acquisitions

In addition, our associates are ready to work with healthcare professionals who are focused on exponential growth by financing practice buy-ins and acquisitions up to 100% of the acquisition cost. This allows you to efficiently join or absorb practices as needed, so you can keep your healthcare business growing as quickly as your opportunities present themselves.

Finally, when your practice needs working capital to meet a variety of needs, our associates are ready to answer your questions and start your application process. Get in touch with us today.