Gain the Working Capital You Need With Purchase Order Financing

One of the most challenging aspects of small business expansion is managing the company’s cash flow. The regular ebb and flow of the business cycle has a tendency to leave smaller companies in a position where their purchase orders require an investment of raw materials, labor, or other resources that exceed the available working cash on hand for the company.

When that happens, having a partner like Infinity Commercial Lending who can assess your purchase orders and advance you a portion as working capital means having access to the funds you need to get projects up and running, so your operation can meet larger orders and get them out the door in a timely way.

Benefits to Purchase Order Financing

  • No loss of equity or increase in long-term debt
  • Increase market share and compete more effectively by servicing larger orders
  • Ensure timely delivery to customers
  • Fast and flexible financing

When you finance your purchase orders, you gain the confidence of knowing that you will always be ready to meet orders of any size, because your financial partner will expand your advance according to the size of those orders when you apply. That allows you to take advantage of every opportunity. Trade order financing is also available for import/export and other trade-oriented companies. Talk to one of our associates for more details.