How to Find Investment Properties in Today’s Market

Have you been thinking about buying investment properties but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve bought into the idea that there aren’t any good deals to be found in a hot real estate market. Fortunately, this is a fallacy. Here are several unique methods that you can use to track down valuable investment properties.


One of the best ways to locate investment properties is to form a strong local network. Let friends, family, colleagues, and other professionals know that you are interested in local real estate opportunities. If you can get in to speak with some local bankers and give them a business card, you might get a first contact even before a broker.

Online Searches

The internet is your friend. While you can do a simple search for investment properties in your area, you’ll likely get better results if you’re more creative. For example, look through Craigslist for “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) listings, and call on old “for rent” ads to see if the owner would like to sell.

Drive Around

As you’re driving around town, always be on the lookout for FSBO listings as well as abandoned properties. Either of these could end up being perfect investment properties.

Offer a “Finder’s Fee”

Get other people working for you to find investment properties by offering a finder’s fee. Ask people to bring you potential leads and pay them by lead instead of by the deal.

Track Eviction Notices

You can go down to your local courthouse and get a list of eviction notices. Often, landlords who are having to evict tenants are tired of the process and eventually want to sell. If they did the eviction notice without a lawyer, this is even better.

Start a Blog

When people are ready to get rid of a home or property, they often take to the internet to search for a buyer. If you start a blog that targets the right local keywords, you could be the first person that they call for help.

If you’re interested in buying investment properties, you’ll need a reliable source of capital. Find out how Infinity Commercial Lending can help with its various real estate funding options.


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