The Proper Way to Write a Business Plan

Businesses thrive when they have a clear goal and path to success. Writing a business plan for your company puts you on that path. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when writing your business plan.

Share Your Plan

Some business owners think it’s best to keep a business plan under wraps. But, in order for your company to thrive, every employee should be aware of the plan’s dynamics. It helps foster a sense of focus and should be shared.

Use a Basic Outline

Your business plan doesn’t have to be an elaborate document or fancily formatted. It simply needs to be clear and easy to decipher by you and your employees. Start with an executive summary, which you’ll use to describe the particular field in which your business aims to succeed.

Then, use the SWOT outline to list your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. That’s it! Be sure to add details, but don’t worry about the length of the document or the number of items you discuss in your outline. Your plan should be thorough but easy to refer to and understand.

Give it Some Thought

As mentioned above, your business plan should be easy to understand but thorough. A solid plan will involve some research if you intend for the document to be useful to those reading it. While it might seem like boring homework, the opportunity to research business trends and market data is one of the bonuses of writing a business plan.

Stick to the Plan

Your business plan isn’t a task to get out of the way, never to think of it again. Think of it as a road map to your business – always worth checking to make sure you’re on the right path. Keep in mind that you may need to revise your business plan as your company grows. Keep it current by revising research and updating estimates as new information comes available.



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